Buck learned to play the drums by banging on an old barrel and sewing machine cabinet.  His mother took him and his siblings to church as a child.  He moved to Nashville in 1971 and was on the road with a country band ( Mike Harris and Gracie Dee).   At that time he was playing the nightclub circuit.  After the theft of his 1967 Chevelle SS, he got a job with Caterpillar Tractor Co and moved to Illinois.   He had his own country band in Illinois and while there met his wife, Chris and her 3 year old son, Kenny.   Buck and Chris were married July 4, 1974.   Jeremy was born June 14, 1976.  In July 1977, the family moved to Nashville again and lived there a year.  In May 1978, they moved to Indiana to find work  where Buck once again had his own country band and started driving a semi.  It was during this time in 1981 after his mother died that Buck was wonderfully saved and his life changed forever.   They lived in Indiana til 1990 when they moved to Kentucky (once again looking for work as a truckdriver).  While living in Kentucky, he started the family group, The Sargents and his sister from Indiana and sister from WV along with  his son, Jeremy, and wife, Chris traveled and sang gospel until 1995.  The group then changed to a father-son duo since it was too hard for the sisters to travel any longer.   In March 2004, Buck received his disability after having knee surgery and not being able to drive semi any longer.    In January 2005, they finally made the move to Nashville once again but the difference was Buck no longer sought to sing with a "country" band. He had given that up immediately after becoming a Christian in 1981.   He was and is now singing solely for the Lord.  He and Jeremy still travel and sing gospel at different churches.   Buck is a multi-talented musician as well as vocalist.

Buck and Chris are members of Giles Creek Baptist Church, Smyrna, TN.

MUSICAL INFLUENCE:    Marty Robbins, Hank Williams Sr., Happy Goodman Family, and Jim Reeves.

FAVORITE SONG:    Can You Picture This



FAVORITE TV SHOW:   The Lone Ranger and Superman