Jeremy became a Christian at the age of 9 in a revival in Frankfort, In and has played drums from the age of 3.   He Started playing piano for the group in 1990 and continued with his Dad as a vocalist in 1995.  He graduated from EKU in Richmond, Ky with a degree in Music Merchandising.   He is also a talented musician as well as vocalist.

As you can see below, Jeremy's  musical influences are different from his dad's.  I feel that is because he was saved at a young age and exposed to gospel music all his life and has loved it all his life.   I'll never forget when one of his 5th grade classmates asked him who his favorite group was (expecting him to name some rock group) and Jeremy said "The McKamey's".  Of course his classmate didn't know who he was talking about but when he told us about it, we let him know how proud we were of him.  

Jeremy is a member of New Vision Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, TN. and has attended there since his move to Nashville in 2003.  

Jeremy is 38 years old and single.  

MUSICAL INFLUENCE:   The Hinsons, Crabb Family

FAVORITE SONG:    "Please Forgive Me" by The Crabb Family



FAVORITE SPORTS:    Basketball, Football, Nascar (Jeff Gordon)

FAVORITE TEAMS:    UK Wildcats, Chicago Bears,